Star Pilot's Demesne Cover

That’s right! The Star Pilot has returned for another round of adventures in…Star Pilot’s Demesne. This time around, he’s aiming to get back in the drivers seat and set the record straight. All he needs is a little time and a lot of firepower. Done right, he’ll be home and firing up that vintage gaming system to blast suckers in the face in virtual space. Will General Prang stand in the way of the Star Pilot’s much needed relaxation or will the Star Pilot take charge of the situation and set Prang straight?

Come along for the ride as the Star Pilot gets back to engaging his warp drive and bringing the war to his enemies!

This album includes:

  • 29-track Album Download (Includes Instrumentals)
  • Double-CD Option Available (w/ Bonus Remixes)


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